We’re aiming to help people who want to feel confident. Women, girls, couples. People who want a bit of extraordinary in the ordinary day, be it dancing or beauty or nails.

We offer the Slovenia Method. Focusing on the health of your nail. Our goal is to improve and look after your nails so you no longer need to have fake nails but can have a strong healthy natural nails.We only partner with the best in our industry so we can provide the quality results specialized brands that are natural and green like Akzents, Biosculpture gel, and Evo gel (under Biosculpture)

Part of our unique experience is our focus on you and your needs and wants…
– Hygiene is a big deal and we thrive on having a clean space
– Welcome with a smile
– Offered tea/coffee
– A special spot for your cellphone to charge
– Qualified nail technicians help you make good decisions so can sit back and relax as we guide you through the process.
– Awesome variety with multiple colours and design choice

Have more than one treatment done at a time (hands, toes and neck & shoulder massage )
Selected locations hair as well all in place. Saving you time; we value your time. Professional and friendly staff.

It all began 6 years ago, much like the build up to the first soccer world cup in Durban 2009, I too started to build up a new skill and profession. I had just got engaged to my wonderful husband Rick, working in a kitchen full time as a chef, I did not have very nice nails as you can imagine. It was as journey that made a rapid turn when my mother in law (Margie) painted my nails and said, “You know people will be asking to look at your beautiful ring now that you’re engaged, so you’ll have to have nice nails to go with it.” Off I went to get my nails done, what a treat, I just loved the experience and the way it made me feel. I was certain that this is how all woman should feel all the time.

After returning to work the following day with a stunning set of tips. I looked at my fabulous ring and pretty nails and realized that I wanted to feel pretty like this every day, and if did then surely there must be other ladies out there who want the same experience. Margie suggested I try doing nails as one of her friends worked for herself and did very well. After some quick deliberation I decided it was time for change, so I quit my cheffing job that same month and went for a nail course. I knew that I could make it a success and help others experience that feeling of beauty daily.

Even today that same desire to leave our clients feeling beautiful is at the core of how our business runs. That’s why at Polished 031 we are “experience experts”. Top quality work is not enough for us, it’s the feeling you get while visiting our store that counts and that you leave with that feeling. The Feeling of Royalty, weather it just a stop and go for a quick fix or a deluxe set of nails for your wedding or matric dance. You should always feel pampered like a queen.

Finding a name is no easy task mind you. It had to be something that described us in one word yet gave a full picture. With some help from our dancing background we always said “that couple looks so Polished” when referring to the absolute best performers. Just like the nails and beauty we provide, when we are all done you look “Polished” with the best for the best.

Since we provide a range of experiences from Nails to Wedding Dance lessons. “Polished” is the best word that describes us but we have to add a bit of local flavour because local is lekka hence the “031” Durban’s area code for phones, as this is where our journey began.

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